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An infection means someone can steal from your bank account — 4 Comments

  1. wow that is so scary so if we are not careful with our computers now it would eventually ruined our savings account. wahhh

  2. I see infections daily. It has gotten much worse in the past year. Many more viruses are installing themselves as critical system drivers so that even when you boot into safe mode, they cannot be removed.

    Customers ask me what they can do to be totally certain that their PC is not infected. I tell them that with current desktop PCs it is not 100% certain that there is not something lurking.

    For the extremely paranoid, I have set up a dual-boot system. –Linux for the banking transactions / online purchases etc…

    As much as I hate to see it, there needs to be a central authority (similar to secure website CAs) which audits the safety of all software components which enter a desktop PC. Either that or a full redesign of the desktop computing platform.

  3. Hi Paul. I’m not sure if there is an answer.

    Its like saying: is there a solution to preventing crime? No, it can be minimised, but never eliminated… its a part of human society.

    The central authority that you propose is the real-world equivalent of having a policeman or a soldier standing guard in front of every house in the country… it aint gonna happen.

    A redesign of desktop systems will always have loopholes as well. Eg macs are not necessarily more secure, they are just such a small minority, that nobody bothers trying to write spyware for them.

    There is one way to not get a PC infected: never connect it to the internet and never install software on it.

    You can also guarantee you will never get mugged: lock yourself away in a prison cell.