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Bastard power supply from hell!!! — 8 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear that, I’d probably make a post on how extremely pissed off I’d be if this would have happened to me. I guess no warranty for the mobos?

  2. Feel sorry for 3 of your lost motherboard. Because for that faulty PSU , you already lost them. That sound really sad, because even it is an old motherboard, that 3 can earn some money there if they are not fried. Really really feel sorry for you.

  3. oh, ouch!

    that is just the sort of thing that has contributed to my not fixing other people’s computers any more…. way too much aggravation!

  4. It also happens to me and it is really a hassle especially if you have to work. I hope you fix it already.

  5. Your story of the Bastard PS from hell struck a cord

    Some years ago, I had a non functioning PC brought to me

    It didn’t take long to find that EVERYTHING except the Monitor (a CRT type) was fried. Even the KB and Mouse

    I did some checks and found the PS was producing almost 300 volts

    I made a minimal charge and told the client nothing was salvageable and to buy a new one

    However it promoted me to do a bit of research

    While there are 100’s of P/S designs they seems to fall into 2 main types (and some sub branches)

    The cheaper ones used to turn the mains into DC, feed it directly into the pass transistor and some additional circuitry switchs the transistor off and on to regulate the output. If it failed, the full rectified mains voltage appeared on the output and screwed everything.

    I really hope no more of these are produced

    With type 2 the same happens, but the output of the transistor was fed into a transformer and from there additional regulators produced the different voltages. Most of these use an optical isolator to isolate the control signal from the output where it was fed back to control the switching of the pass transistor

    With these there is total isolation between the High voltage input and the Low voltage output and only a failure of the Transformer could damage the computer components (very unlikely)

    I think yours had to be a varient of Type 1. The designers of these need castration LOL