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Bigpond 7.2 home network gateway needs install CD — 7 Comments

  1. Under the belief, registration server can have a delay, not password propagation but licence number propagation, Regards Chris
    bp support

  2. Installation is required as only one modem is able to be used per account and the device uses the installation disk to register the type of modem with bigpond.

    The installation CD rob the devices IMEI code and forwards it to bigpond, probably so your not able to purchase 2 / 3 usb devices and use them on separate computers.

  3. ) have installed 7-2 Bigpond Network Gateway satisfactorally and now would like to connect a printer into the network.The gateway is connected entirely with Wi-Fi

  4. 7.2 HNG is cool, but when it goes nuts damn its so hard to fix.i do have a new HNG and its really giving me a hard time installing the crap.

  5. I cannot connect my wireless printer to the bigpond gateway. It will not recognise the ssid.
    What’s wierd is my lap top can see my network, also my printer can see my neighbors network.
    if anyone has any ideas i would be grateful

  6. Hi John,

    In the past, I’ve seen similar issues, and this is what you can try:

    – Triple check that the password is correct (or temporarily change it to “12345678”).

    – Check that the printer will support the encryption on the router (change the router encryption… eg WPA-PSK-TKIP, WPA-PSK-AES, WEP (yuck), or even “open” (no password).

    – Check that the password is not too long or too short, or that it has strange characters that the printer / router don’t recognise.

    – As a last resort (since you can ruin your router and/or printer), try a firmware upgrade.