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  1. It’s hard. if the “subbies” are good,they will
    establish a customer base of their own and
    cut out the middle man ie: you.

    If they are poor,they will cause you more
    stress fixing their stuffups.

    The real problem you face is the first one.Fatigue.

    If you are professional, you will create a monster
    where friends of friends and reputation soon
    make advertising and promotion redundant.

    What you will face is more and more customers
    calling “just to ask a quick question” and an ever
    increasing group of people who will want prompt
    service, business’s who need prompt service and
    new customers.

    Toss in the fact that more and more people
    are buying more and more toys which are
    becoming cheaper as they become more
    complex and it can get out of control.

    I have a nice list of clients,but by being
    prompt,fair and being able to fix their
    problems, I have just about burned myself

    $800 laptops running Vista don’t promise
    much respite.

  2. Hmmm, it is getting to the point where I’m considering scaling back on the advertising.

    Its annoying when a customer calls Mandy, wants to talk about a technical problem, so she get me to call, and after 30 seconds, I say I need to visit, and I end up doing the booking (which they could have done with Mandy in the first place)… and its not just new customers who do this.

    I’ve started sticking to my guns, and only book 1 customer per day (which allows for 1 emergency customer, and 1 or 2 deliveries).

    At this stage, I’m prepared to lose a customer if they are not prepared to book for “3 days time”… but I don’t like it.

    Luckily (so far), most people will umm and ahh, but still book for a few days time… Maybe being booked out gives an air of competence that people like.