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cockroaches in the power supply — 4 Comments

  1. LOL that was a great read!

    I once had a job where this woman wanted me to fix her computer, so we agreed on a time. I arrive, and 3 little kids answer the door. I asked if the woman was home, to which they replied “nah she’s out and wont be back until 5pm”. I asked if there were any adults there, and there wasn’t.

    I left my card with the kids and asked them to let their mum know when she gets back that I came over but she wasn’t there. So I called her back later that night, and told her what happened, and we arranged another appointment for the next day. The same thing happened – kids were home, no sign of the woman.

    It’s really disturbing that 3 very young kids were at home all by themselves (I would say they ranged from 1-3 years of age)

    It’s also made me realise that I should bill people who don’t call to cancel an appointment.

    Some times I go to people’s houses and they have dogs that jump all over me. This one dog scratched my leg, and I got ring worm from it! I couldn’t believe it! Luckily with some treatment it cleared up quickly.

    Oh the perils of this line of work :p

  2. Hilarious. Very well written. Still, makes you appreciate living in this country, when we think that’s a “bad” living environment. It would be luxury in many countries.

    I don’t think you’d want to be a computer technician in the jungles of New Guinea. (Probably wouldn’t get very rich, either!)