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Computer won’t switch off (forced power off) — 7 Comments

  1. Another one….. if your laptop does not power up for no particular reason, then pop the battery out, leave the power cord plugged in, turn the laptop on.

    turn the laptop off again and re-insert battery.

  2. I do something similar.

    If the laptop doesn’t respond to the 5 second “power press”, then I resort to popping out the battery *and* the power cord.

    I leave it for a few seconds and even push the power button… just to make sure all juice has been drained.

    This also works (minus the battery) with desktop towers; as the motherboard can sometimes end up in a non-listening state so it doesn’t respond to the power button.

    Since power supplies can keep the motherboard “powered” for many seconds (even 60 seconds), then pulling the power cord and then pushing the power button, will drain the power supply, and take the motherboard to zero volts.

    I’ve heard rumors that some really bad motherboards also need to have the CMOS battery removed!

  3. Hi Ruth,

    If the laptop entered sleep mode correctly, then forcing the power off shouldn’t cause a problem.

    Of course, it depends on a few factors like: if it didn’t really go to sleep properly, then there is a risk of data corruption. Also: if your windows filesystem is using FAT32, then you have a higher risk of corruption (compared to NTFS).