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connect to bigpond nextG using Vista and BP3USB Maxon modem — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, a helpdesk that didn’t know what they were doing, there’s a shock.

    One of my friends called me once with a problem with his new PC. After some on the phone diagnosis I told him his HDD drive wasn’t working.

    He then phoned up the supplier who had him jump through hoops, including reloading XP, before telling him the same thing.

  2. I think the real question is… “How can Telstra still charge ludicrous prices and not train/hire good technical support?”

    The customer won’t get any money out of Telstra because they didn’t ask her to get a 3rd party out to fix her problem, ie. they consider it to be that she’s too stupid to work it out for herself.

  3. don’t you just love customers like her.

    BigPond sounds like a helpdesk full of former microsoft techs. really not gonna touch that anyfurther.