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Crappy Vista printer support — 2 Comments

  1. Vista is causing lots of problems.

    All the techs I know have had numerous
    brand new machines brought back for
    “downgrading” to XP.

    I have done a few myself for business
    customers who had issues with both
    hardware and software.

    I can’t remember people downgrading to
    previous OS’s before, and I have met
    numerous techs who now want to find
    another line of work.

    Like me, they feel that Vista was
    a day too late and a dollar too

    It’s like the early XP snafus on

  2. Fully agree with u guys. Vista has got the WORST ever printer support of any OS I’ve seen. Ever so often I get “Out of paper”, “Printer Offline” etc messages. Even if i fix the problem ie loading paper, turning off the printer, cancel print jobs etc, Vista is totally unable to get itself out of then knot. NOTHING will get the printer to print except re-starting the pc. Each day i re-boot at least 10 times !!!! because of this printer issues with Vista