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Dell Dimension 5150 mouse & keyboard — 7 Comments

  1. …or you could have just waited 5mins for windows xp to install your mouse and keyboard in the background. ^^ works with windows vista and 7 too! patience is a virtue lol

  2. That is so strange because I have the Dell Dimension 5150 and I have had 2 different people work on my computer before and neither of them mentioned having any kind of problems at all.

  3. it is a strange design, not like other motherboard, you have to use 2 USB slot for those keyboard and mouse, it only has 5 USB, not enough.

  4. Thanks for the advice – I managed to get the mouse/keyboard to work after trying different USB slots before I took it back to my customer.

  5. Has anyone come up with a solution if they don’t have the original mouse or keyboard? I haven’t been able to reinstall Windows because the keyboard doesn’t work. Not quite sure if computers are ready to ditch both PS2 ports just yet.