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  1. E-record is a very popular little program for small home based businesses where there are not a great deal of transactions in a month and their BAS was reported on a cash basis.

    I don’t understand why anybody using this simple program would want to export it into QB or MYOB anyway, when it runs pretty good by itself (if used within its limitations).

    Their are other alternatives becides MYOB and Quickbooks out there for those who are not suited to these packages. I tend to suggest a product called Banklink to my clients who fit in this category.

    I have two pages on my website about Banklink which may be of use.

    Hope this has been of help

    Shane Holbeck – Accountix

  2. I have been using e-record since it was introduced – when the gst was I think, for both my own and my husbands small businesses.
    We both operate/d on a cash basis and e-record was so simple to use, we didn’t even use all the functions on e-record because our business set-ups were/are so simple.
    I am very disappointed that the tax office have decided to pull the plug – I can only guess that as with a lot of government depts, they feel it is easier/less costly to basically outsource.

    Now the fun starts – trying to find something similar!! lol πŸ™‚

  3. ATO’s e Record will be discontinued from July 2010. I was looking for an alternative bookkeeping solution and found this informative site about eRecord: http://www.smallbusinesslog.com/ .

    Do you agree that Cashflow Manager is the next best alternative to replace ATO’s eRecord or MYOB is a better one?

    Please advice.


  4. I have been in the Accounting profession for around 28 years and and worked as a Tax Accountant for 20 years, and the best initiative made by the ATO has been the release of E-Record. I have followed the E-Record program since the issue of the Pre-Production Version to tax agents in 2000 and have seen the changes and improvements to the software over the last decade together with the benefits that small and micro businesses have received in using E-Record. After researching into replacement software, and to the best of my knowledge, I have found no software equivalent to E-Record that I would recommend to the small and micro business sector. The statement made that “for every installation of commercial software like MYOB and QuickBooks, there is probably 5 to 10 installations of e-Record”, I believe would be fairly accurate. E-Record can be manipulated and used in different ways for different circumstances.

    I have lodged objections with my Federal MP, a QLD Senator and directly with the Commissioner of Taxation and I have received some responses including from the Assistant Treasurer all with negative attitude towards E-Record. One of the responding letters says that only about 2 percent of small businesses are registered as users of E-Record, well if we have about 5 million small business taxpayers then about 100,000 small business taxpayers will be registered users of E-Record and don’t forget the unregistered users as well. I would say that the ATO have NO idea as to the usage of their E-Record software.

    Many small business people are layman when it comes to using computers and over a number of years I have been able to bring these laymen into doing very basic computing using E-Record which has simplified record keeping for them. also the benefit for my self was that I have most clients using the one software and their data can easily be down-loaded.

    According to the letter from the Assistant Treasurer it appears that taxpayers can continue to use E-Record for financial years after 30 June 2010, however there will be no support service provided by the ATO. So maybe as things stand as at this date, taxpayers should continue to use E-Record beyond 30 June 2010.

    Good luck to all E-Record users !

  5. I assisted enormous numbers of clients with the installation and set up of E Record and ways of adapting it to suit specific needs. I beleive it was perhaps one of the best initiatives ever taken by the ATO to encourage good record keeping and compliance.

    This was a government department actually providing a service! I could not believe that the ATO would ever, let alone actually have withdrawn E Record. I beleive it is a huge mistake on their part.

    I agree with what Cameron McKay said. I think too, that the stats provided by the ATO are far from accurate and have been “selected” to justify their position. After all statistics can be used to prove anything.

    That aside, For many micro businesses, commercial packages are too costly and/or too complex as many respondents have already indicated.

    I suspect however that the withdrawal of E record could have been initiated by the massive internal I.T. changes that the ATO is in the process of implementing and it might be that for E-Record to continue to interface with the new systems would require a massive re-write.

    However, this should only affect those people using E Record who lodge electronically. It may well be that is where the 100,000 users figure has come from.

    If the user is not lodging electronically, then I see no reason why it will not continue to operate perfectly well into the future for however long the user wishes to keep using it.

    If taxpayers feel strongly enough about it, they should let their MPs know. After all, they are the one paying the taxes the MPs receive their salaries and payments from.

  6. The ATO dropping to support and continuation of E-Record is a bad move by the government. E-Record is nice and simple to use and being developed my the ato covers all aspects of tax that small business’ like ours need. Now to have to go and buy and learn how to use another progam is just silly.

    Can someone please recommend a SIMPLE, and hopefully cheap, but most importantly SIMPLE!! program to replace E-Record…must be Mac compatible however.

    Mad move K-Rudd


  7. I have been using E-records from the begining, at first I was suspicious, I mean anything to do with tax and the government that’s “free” must have had a catch!

    I find it exceedingly simple to use and I don’t lodge it electronically.

    I was pleased to read that I will be able to continue to use it for years to come, I don’t mind paying for a new program but I need the simplistic part of it.

    Maybe I can stop having a melt down now!

    I voted for Mr Rudd to come in to parliament but I wont be voting for him again, once bitten twice shy ….

  8. I agree with all the comments about how useful it is and what a shame it is that it is being pulled.
    I am tempted to continue to use it unsupported but know I will be courting disaster.
    has anyone found anything that they think is simple and just as good as e record?

  9. OMG bless you for posting the link here.

    My clients PC died today and they don’t have the install and of course, 1 July the ATO removed it!!!

    They need to look at old data, at least in the short term…

    Thanks again…

  10. Another small business owner here – just today I went looking to download e-record again due to a hardware failure and GUESS WHAT – the government once again proves that it really doesn’t care about small business. Then again – we are talking about the ATO – when have they ever been inclided to actually be helpful!!!???!!!

    Thanks so much for posting an archived version here – this will at least make reconciling last year’s data and the backup data from the last 4 years a little easier.

    (It makes you wonder if disgruntled shareholders – namely the public – can sack a disfunctional organisation – namely the ATO)…..


    I received a clients teetering near death PC today and a new pc. My task as charged… move everything… hmmm… no more E-record on the ATO website.
    Well thank you computer-aid.com.au!!!!!!

  12. Hello,
    i am also annoyed the ATO is discontinuing this great piece of software.
    I spoke to eRecord staff and they too were surprised and disappointed.
    I am going to keep using it, worst case scenario i will have to re-install if something goes wrong, and then just use the backup file.
    It will still lodge the BAS via the Portal, and my accountant can still extract the details from it for Tax.
    The people in eRecord and also their ATO Complaints Dept encouraged as many people as possible to inform the ATO of how much they liked the software, and how disappointed and annoyed we are that it is discontinued.
    They inferred that you never know what might happen if their is enough complaint about the removal.

    Anyway, just a shame the one of the few things the ATO has got right, is now being terminated.

    Well done ComputerHelp too for hosting the software for all πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve heard about an online record keeping software (xero.com).

    I’ve not tried it yet… it sounds interesting, but since it starts at $29 per month (ie $348 per annum!), its very steep for a little guy like me.

    I’d say $5 – $10 per month ($60 – $120 per annum) is the right ballpark for a very small business.

  14. My pc just died and i really needed to download erecord to acess this last years records thanks heaps for the link

  15. Thank you so much!

    I hadn’t realized e-records was going to be scrapped until it was too late and my computer crashed.

    I had no backup either.

    I’ve searched high and low to download it and almost gave up until I found your site.

    Well done!

  16. cheers for that download link.

    bought new hardware so did a reinstall look for my etax installer and its gone. leaves me thinking fffffuu how am i gonna get my years records out of the backup file. ato really shoulda left the link up so people could dl it if they lost it to access their records.

    cheers for hosting it.

  17. Hmm – the same thing has happened to me… My computer died on Thursday, and of course I then discovered that e-Record is no longer available.

    Thanks so much for hosting it here!

    Now all I have to do is work out how to get the files off the hard drive and linked to the program in my new comp.

  18. As both a user and installer, very dissapointed to see the ATO has dropped eRecords. I used it for my accounting, and I installed it on many PCs, and the micro businesses that used it on my recommendation all loved it.

    I too was amazed when it was released that we got something, no matter how small, for nothing. Seems like now they want the software developers to make more money, plus they will charge us every year for the updates that we MUST have.

    Just ANOTHER way the Gummint screws us every day in every way. Small business pays yet again for the fat cats in government. Absolutely sick and tired of EVERYTHING costing more, and the government giving us less.

    I will continue to use the latest version till the day I am FORCED to give it up, probably the ATO will send the AFP after me now.

  19. Hi, I have also been using eRecord since it’s release and found it to be perfect for my wrecking yard.
    It was an extremely popular package, my accountant said last year (2009) that more than half her business clients were now using it and she was actively recommending it to those who weren’t.
    It’s very disappointing the ATO dropped it for obviously lame reasons.

    The real reason is most likely pressure from commercial package sellers as the highly popular eRecord was eating into their potential profits.

    I personally refuse to now buy a commercial package and will persevere with eRecord as long as possible, then switch to a spreadsheet or other freeware that may come along.

    Shame on the ATO!

  20. Also thank you so much for hosting eRecord.
    I was using an old iBook to run eRecord which worked fine for just my accounting.
    Unfortunately as well as dumping eRecord the ATO updated the security sign in and Mac OS 10.3.9 and Safari for it are no longer supported either!
    OK I’ll just install eRecord on my iMac, transfer the data and do my BAS…. NO… eRecord is gone from ATO!
    Lucky for Computer-aid.com.au! I’ll install it tonight and hopefully get my BAS lodged before tomorrow’s deadline.
    Many Thanks!

  21. I want to know if there is someway we can petition the ATO to have e-record re-instated??? Surely surely then they will listen????!!!

  22. the decision of the ATO is riduclous.
    I emailed them about it and got a platitudinous response.
    I suggest with an election coming up that you ask your local candidate if his or her party intends to direct the ATO to reverse the decision in the interests of looking after small business

  23. Thanks for putting a copy of eRecord on your site.

    I too panicked when I had to reinstall my computer and discovered the ATO had removed it from their site.

    It’s a great program for a small cash business.

  24. You are a gem!!!
    Like many others, I lost my copy of e-record when hard dirve crashed.
    Went to the ATO to reinstall, only to discover it is GONE!!
    Just spent the last two hours surfing for alternatives, found a few freebies but need a bloody degree to use them!!

  25. This is a stupid move by the ATO with no thought about how many small businesses will be “up that creek” as a result.

    Erecord was brought in to enable small business to cope with the GST and BAS statements, which it did admirably.

    And now they dump it.

    How dumb is that?

    And now they expect every small business using it to buy some other package, learn how to use it and set it up from scratch, and basicaly either become or hire an accountant.

    This is not on.

    I thought govt was supposed to be supporting small business. That’s wahat both parties are always saying.

    Well THIS says just the opposite, and shows what a load of lip service it all is.

    This is typical govt ineptitude.

    Bloody hopeless.


  26. Cheers computer help.
    You are a lifesaver (not the lolly).
    I have used e-record since it’s beginning as well, and my accountant told me to keep using it as a record keeping tool, and strangely enough, like others, my computer just happened to crash.
    Maybe big brother intervened somehow to make us use something else.
    I am a bit of a sceptic but this has made me suspicious.
    Surely they don’t have such powers!!!!!!!

  27. A huge thank you for proving the links to download e-record.
    I upgraded my computer and assumed I needed to buy new accounting software.
    Unfortunately I purchased MYOB and was extremely disappointed. The program was a complete waste of time and money and the people I spoke to for technical support were very rude and unhelpful.

    Thanks again for providing the links πŸ™‚

  28. I have written to the Sunrise program asking then to investigate the cancelling of e-record, can I suggest everyone do the same (united front) so that they actually do something.

    We need to get the program back, I don’t even care if I have to pay for it.

  29. Thanks so much for providing the erecord program.
    I too am a home based business and erecord is perfect for my needs.
    I have just moved over to a Mac and was unable to download a Mac version from the ATO website.
    You are giving a great service to the small business community.
    Shame on you ATO!

  30. Hello,
    I use e-records and i love it.
    It is so easy to use and you don’t even need brains to use it.
    I have also used MYOB before, but my god, so hard to get used to.
    Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to transfer all my e-records and its content from one computer to another.
    I am giving the computer to my sister but don’t want to give her my whole life as well.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

  31. I’m a Self employed painter, using erecord for 10 years, and still haven’t found a replacement.

    Cashflow manager has a free trial, its interesting, but u still have to calculate private use component for any entry not used 100% for business use.

    E-record was really good in this respect.

  32. Ooh, is there anyway to get a copy of E-Record??? Just at the beginning of my accounting journey and my new account LOVES this product??

    Any ideas??

  33. (Grins πŸ™‚ Thanks so much, decided to read through the replies from the beginning – thanks so much for loading this program πŸ™‚

  34. Now is the time to complain to your local members. To some of these independents from rural areas that got in.

    Inform them that we, as small business owners, are disappointed in the removal of this software.

    And not even a replacement offered, unless we want to spend more money.

    Cant even get software to recover files other then via our friend at this web site >>>>>>

    Thank you computer help person πŸ˜€ this saved so many headaches, finding this software.

  35. Thanks for hosting the eRecord files ! looked for alternatives that just did simple cashbook accounting and there is not much out there.

    thanks again!

  36. Hi, is their a link for e-records for my new computer which is 64bit. Am so dissappointed that it has been scrapped. Thanks Greg

  37. Hi ComputerAid,
    My new computer is 64bit, I was unsure if the link you provide, which says win32 would download and work. I don’t even know what 32 or 64 bit means. But the link did download and seems to work, so thanks for that.

  38. Computer Aid… you are a hero!! My old pc died so I went looking for e-record to install on my new pc (have moved house and lost the intallation pc).

    Agghh… I couldn’t believe it when I realised the ATO had been stupid enough to remove it… and started to have a panick attack… I need to be able to read my e-record file so I can do my tax! Going by some of the posts above, I’m not the only one in that situation.

    Something is seriously wrong with our ATO if they take away the tool for viewing our business records right when we are about to start preparing our tax returns! What the…???

    I’m so glad Google lead me to this page. Thank you for having the common sense that the ATO is clearly lacking!

  39. I am the Tax Accountant who posted the response on May 1st, 2010 and I am still advising clients to continue using the last version of E-Record (ie: version 6.2).

    I suggest that anyone who downloads the setup file from this website should select the SAVE button and not the Run button and download the file to their hard drive this way. As a result, if you have major problems with your computer in the future or acquire a new computer you have a copy of the E-Record program on your hard drive that can be extracted and you can re-install the program at anytime. Once it is downloaded you can open the copied file and select the OPEN (Run) butten in the setup box.

    I also recommend that E-Record users should use a PDF writer program on their computer. I use the “CutePDF Writer” software which works as a printer “without a printer” and saves copies of various components of the E-Record program in plain paper document format. For example: if you open the CashBook in E-Record and select File on the very top menu, then select Print, then select CutePDF Writer as your printer and then select OK, it will then allow you to select where to save this copy of the Cash Book (all 38 or more pages). If you use the PRINT icon button and select the CutePDR Writer as your printer it will only save the one page that shows on your screen. If you select the Cash Book Summaries and do the same it will save all the summary reports in PDF format.

    The advantage in this is that you will always be able to look at your records to-date even if E-Record fails to work in the future as PDF works outside E-Record.

    CutePDF Writer is free and can be downloaded from the Internet – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and GOOD LUCK !

  40. Thankyou for providing this download. I have been looking all over at the commercial accounting software and nothing fits my needs or budget at this time. So glad to have this.

  41. You would not beleive how much you have helped me with this archived download, i cannot thank you enough for it, i had all my data backed up and no program to open it……… All i can say is thank you thank you, and to the ATO, really you need to support small business who don’t need massive accounting programs for the small amount of paperwork we need……..

  42. Thank you so much for the download, you are a life saver.

    HD crashed recovered all the data but no app. I rang the ATO 1 day to late and they would not give me a install disc.

    I think we need to bombard them with email to say how good the program is and how many people use it.

    Thanks you again…

  43. been using e-record for years it just stopped i just hope it works with vista at least we got one smart person in the country many thanks michael


  45. Hi Debbie,

    It seems to work for me…

    It helps if you are already signed in to facebook, and you will need to authorise the e-partition application to access you facebook profile (just like all other facebook apps do).

  46. Unfortunately I believe that your e-petition will achieve nothing as the Australian Taxation Office will not change its mind. I have written corespondence from the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, the Assistant Treasurer and my Federal MP all saying no to the continuation of E-Record.

    The Federal Government sets policy, however, the ATO is a commission and is not under the direct control of the the Federal Government.

    Do we have any other suggestions ? Please keep thinking as ther must be some way of convincing the ATO to re-instate E-Record, even without any telphone support.

  47. Everything above I totally agree… Thanks very much for providing a link. I have just spent the whole day trying commercial versions with verying degrees of frustration. After a wasted day I intend to continue to use erecords….

  48. i just tried to go on fB to sign the petition and it takes me to a site called docksys world -an expired website?????

  49. Thankyou very much for hosting the install file. My computer died and I couldn’t find e-records anywhere! Can’t believe the ATO decided to can it.

  50. Hi All
    I have just registered with B-Free.com I will post back later with a report as to it being a possible replacement to e-Record.

    If any one else has tried this please let me know what you think as I only have 30days free trial, then I will have to pay πŸ™

  51. Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy you have made me. Thanks for having the download. We just bought a new laptop & had no idea how we were going to transfer the data. You are a legend.

  52. Thankyou so much! You are a lifesaver. I am a qualified bookkeeper and do the books for our business.
    I thought getting rid of e-record wouldn’t be a big deal and started on Myob (which I have been trained for). OMG! Such a hassle and too much hard work.
    Once again, thankyou!

  53. Hi All
    I have completed my 1Q BAS using B-Free & I have to say I am very happy with the ease of use & support.
    I did have a few hickups & there are a few minor bugs that I discovered but they are all asthetics & the support team were fantastic, I even got help over the weekend, one of the guys had logged in & notice my tech support request so he replied with the solution from his home πŸ™‚ The system is a bit more work than e-record to setup initially but way faster than MYKNOB & SICKEN. Once it knows your categories it automatically assigns them from your bank statements, you just check them & may any changes with the mouse clicks, no more typing in the transaction list YeHa !

  54. Hi Guys
    just checking is the link to e record still ok to use? just upgraded laptop and hey no more e record accountant told us it was no longer to be supported but didnt think the ato would totally remove it, pain in the butt, spoke with dude from tax office last night and he gave the excuse of being incompatable with new industry standards, rubbish, I said you supported it for Q1 2010-2011 bas lodgment electronically and now I cant use it for the next 3 qtrs, he said that apparently the tax office sent out emails and letters advising strongly against its use prior to the end of last financial year ha..ha.. I think I would have remembered something that important. Cheers and Thankyou

  55. Hi Bill
    I did get the notice from ATO about it not being supported, but they originally said you could keep on using it. I was told the “incompatibility” is with commercial accounting software used by tax accountants. But I believe the “incompatibility” was created on purpose by the same software companies because e-Records was getting very popular. Just look at all the sales pitches they are now running, stating that their product is the best alternative to e-Records. Shame on the ATO for cow tailing to this scam !

  56. I am the Tax Accountant who has made several comments about E-Record previously, and I am still telling clients to stick with E-Record as I have not seen any software equivalent to and as easy to use as E-Record.

  57. Hi Cameron
    As a Tax Accountant I would be interested in your opinion of B-Free, I have signed up & so far I am very impressed, It does all the bits I used in e-Record. One omission is other than a “Notes” field, which takes muli-clicks to get to, there is no field to add a Receipt Number or Receipt Reference. I used that in e-Records with a unique number that I wrote on every receipt. This was a good cross reference for my accountant.

  58. Thanks so much for the link to e-record. Like so many others, I have all my backup files but need to put e-record on a new computer. I’ve been so stressed about it until I found your site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    For my own reference for the future, is there any way for me transfer e-record from my own computer to another computer? Just a bit worried that they might make you remove your link at some stage.

  59. So it sounds like e-records is still fine to use for invoicing and general record keeping as well as BAS calculations as long as nothing major changes in the ato rules and calculations. The biggest change will be going into the business portal and manually entering the figures for my BAS rather than having this automated. Is that right?

  60. Royb,
    That is correct. All features of E-Record are still valid. The only difference will be preparing Activity Statements manually or via the Portal. I have always been lodging via the Tax Agents Portal for many years now and the Business Portal works the same way.
    Good Luck with E-Record.

  61. Great, thanks for the feedback, it’s quite clear there are no strong replacements for mac users in particular.
    And I guess the same goes for lodging tax returns too? I just used the e-records reports this year and entered my info manually via e tax and it was all quite easy.

  62. i have been a happy user of e records since 2001.needless to to say im not a happy camper.just waiting for the the red head to increase the gst and stuff use all up? But may be the e records has a sun set date pre programed in it? i tried to update some figers 15/12/2010.and cannot get any number keys to work. i reinstalled the programe from this site and still zip. any comments?

  63. dear debbie ,the page comes up red and tells me there is no more information that can be added? Mind you i did register as a user with the ato. I will try down-loading it to another computer and see what happens.

  64. Can someone please help. My computer got a virus and had to be fixed. I backed up my Erecord, but no I cannot open any or the files. I can start from scratch as I have an old cd erecord 5. But I want to continue on my previous files. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP.

  65. How did u back up your e-record?

    Did you use the interface backup option?

    If so just copy the folder it created into this folder:

    Than you should be able to open it as normal although you may need to enter your TFN or PW

  66. Thank you computer aid for having this link available for all of us who needed and relied on this program for our ATO obligations, and if by some small miracle someone from the ATO is reading this, Thanks for nothing other than creating a headache for us already struggling small business owners and Self employed contractors like myself who found erecord the best thing since sliced bread.
    I wonder what would happen if every self-employed, small business owner stopped paying GST until a solution was found by the ATO office and not left to us to figure out.
    I for one have de-registered for GST as I don’t earn over $75,000 and life is now much less stressful and I would strongly recommend any subcontractor or small business to do the same ( consult your accountant first ) as Im sure some accountants will reply to this post.

    Thanks again Computer aid.

  67. Hi all,
    I ended up purchasing Cashflow Manager on the advice of our (new) accountant.
    It is really easy to use, much like e-record in it’s simplicity.
    The reports for the bas are easy to use – it does not print up a “bas statement” as per e-record but apart from that I have had no issues.
    The bonus being that as my accountant uses it – if I have any queries, he knows what I am talking about.
    Hope this is of some help.

  68. Hi Mick,
    Sorry to be so dumb but I tried that and it still wont open, it is there in the background, but it says to open worksheet index first. I am at a loss.
    My records are there I can see them and I want to continue on but I am getting frustrated. I uninstalled erecord5 and reinstalled 6. I had this problem before when I back up on disk and tried to open up on my daughters computer. The tax office walked me through,but now of course no one is there anymore. Please can you help. I must be doing something wrong, but I dont know what. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

  69. Hi
    I recently upgraded to a new computer and wanted to transfer e-record and the data but I can’t find the file that has the data in it to restore it.
    Can anyone help?

  70. I am using eRecord for my small business since it was introduced. I even changed everything from PC to MAC two years ago without any flaws or problems! eRecord always worked well for me, although I know it is not the most user comfortable package and certainly would not be suitable for a larger businesses.
    After the ATO announced that eRecord will not be supported in future, I spend many frustrating days trying to find a simple similar no-frills low cost alternative for record keeping, but no luck until today!
    Before the GST was introduced, I used a simple EXCEL spreadsheet for record keeping of my little business. So in the long run I think I will have to go back to an EXCEL spreadsheet again, rather than spending an arm and leg for features in a commercial accounting package I do not need for simple record keeping. I’d rather spend the time to and tailor it for GST, my business and an “eRecord-like” feel.

    But wait, maybe something like this already exists? EXCEL is a very popular and very powerful spreadsheet program. It works equally on PC and MAC, and with the features in the program it is possible to set up quite complex accounting tasks. Once you understand how a spreadsheet program works, it is relatively easy to tailor an existing template to your own details.
    There must be other people out there who are doing this with EXCEL and maybe one of them would be friendly enough to share his EXCEL record keeping template with others?

  71. Hi All
    I loved e-records however you still had to manually load all your transactions in & it only managed 1 account. I have been running ” B-Free ” for some time now & I am very happy with it. It takes me half the time to do my BAS compared with e-records.
    Once you set things up it imports from your online banking & automatically assigns at least 90% to their correct categories. You can then fix the rest of the assignments with a couple if mouse clicks. Give it a try you won’t regret it 8^)

  72. I disagree with you Chromii as e-Record can be used for multiple number of accounts and or entities on one single computer. The last version of e-Record (Version 6.2 , Build 1) has 3 green icons on the front Worksheet Index screen labelled as “Add Business, Select Business and Delete Business” Thes should be used to setup and interchange between multiple bank accounts.
    E-record is still the simplist accounting program to use for small and micro business entities. I suggest that in most cases people should stay with e-Record.

  73. Yes I agree with you Cameron,
    was it just me or did those last couple of entryies have a salesperson feel about them?

  74. Hey, I am just happy with what I am using, no sales pitch here & unless you have tried both, which I have, then you are not speaking from an informed position. Not sure how you can use separate “Business” to manage multiple accounts under the same ABN or BAS Document number. As I said I loved e-Records and I hate with a passion MYKNOB & SICKEN, but I am very happy with “X-XXXX”, name withheld due to recommendation restrictions.

  75. As a Tax Accountant I examine a large selection of software for small & micro business entities. As a result I do speak from an informed position.
    E-record is still the simplist accounting program to use for small and micro business entities. I suggest that in most cases people should stay with e-Record.
    With regards to using e-Record for multiple accounts it is very simple as e-Record was originally made for an individual business with one (1) bank account. As the software was developed over the years the three green Business icons were added to the program’s Work Sheet Index screen and if you have say 3 different bank accounts then you set up 3 different “Business” entities with the same ABN and name them accordingly (EG: XYZ Account No. 1, XYZ Account No. 2 & XYZ Account No. 3). My suggestion is to use the ATO Business Portal for lodgment of your BAS documents.
    Really, using e-Recorrd for multiple account entities is quite easy and I have many clients who do just that.

  76. Hi Cameron, thank you for explaining the muti-account concept, I assumed(incorrectly) it would need different ABN’s. I used to print the e-records BAS statement & copy the figures across to the hard copy sent by ATO. I started looking for an alternative, concerned ATO would change the BAS forms to be incompatible &when the support was withdrawn. If you have evaluated B-Free specifically, what was your professional opinion ? As I am not an accountant but have been impressed.

  77. I had a computer hard drive failure and my backup was not 100%when I found out that e record is now redundant by the ATO. I found a free download and will continue to use it. Why? because I have been doing my husbands books since GST was introduced with this method and find it simple and easy to use. Typical government, when something is good and works well just get rid of it don’t think of the thousands of people who use it.

  78. Hi
    Many thanks for the Free download of E-record I noticed it be an upgraded version (good O) I was hoping someone might tell the government what a balls up they made by removing it.
    Up and working now, I also found out by using one of the PAID ones the E-record data that is in your computer is not compatible.
    Thanks all for your input on this.

  79. hey
    if anyone can help me with this e-records problem i and my mother would be eternally greatful.

    ive just found and installed e-records 6.2 on my mothers computer, however i cant for the life of me, find where i should put her backup business files so she can open them in e-records. i know there should be a file in c; but i just dont know where or even if if have to create it.

    any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

  80. I’ve only ever used e-Record and have no idea where to go from here! I’m a Mac user and have tried a few trials of other Mac compatible software, but so far I’m not feeling very confident. They all seem so complicated and my business is extremely simple.

    Someone mentioned the idea of using an excel spreadsheet so I’ve been searching on that front. I came across this site – http://www.excel-skills.com.au/excel_templates.asp. I’m really not sure if this is a good alternative? I would really appreciate some feedback on whether this could work? You can download a read-only sample to take a look at. The cost is relatively cheap and it looks fairly similar to e-Record in essence. I’m also guessing this would suit my accountant, right? I might call and ask, but in the meantime any ideas for us Mac users would be brilliant!


  81. Hi I had used E record for years. Last month my computer crashed, before the hard drive format and re-installation of windows, I managed to save all the data files for E record.

    Now I need to install E record programe to access all my data. I am sure this download will help me. the only question is… I am using Windows 7 now. Will this e record v6.2 work with windows 7? Otherwiuse I have to find an old computer for this e record.

    Thanks a lot.

  82. Hi Eric,

    I’ve had many people download and use erecord on Windows 7.

    Just make sure you read the erecord notes on my software page, as it needs some minor initial work to make it work correctly on W7.

  83. My computer crashed. Unable to fix now using daughters old. Tech. was able to save e-record to exterion hard drive, but unable to open worksheet index, luckily had an old cd 4.2 from taxation. Re-installed but when I went into data etc it still says open with worksheet index. The date is there but wont open so I had to start all ove again could not continue with entries. Not very computer savvy, so it was a pain to start all over with 2010- 2011 data. Can anyone tell me an easier way. Would appreciate, did have some help from Mick, but it still wouldn’t open. I must be dumb.

  84. Can anyone help me please? I have used erecords for the past 3.5 years and at the start of this year I upgraded my computer and had to transfer all my information onto the new computer, which wasnt an issue until now being the end of financial year, i have discovered that the tab that allows me to create PAYG summaries and send PAYG reports has disappeared. How do i get this back please???

  85. Its ok. I just downloaded ur version of erecords and its all back to normal!!!!
    Thank you so much for this site and for your download!!!!

  86. I have been using erecord for the last 4+ years. Yesterday after I printed out two invoices I had this pop up –
    “Your templates folder does not contain the template “CashBook2″ required to open this data document. Would you like to choose a template to use?”
    I cannot access my records at all at this point and when I connected my external hard drive this popped up _
    “The storage location for Time Machine backups can’t be found.”
    Am I up the proverbial without a paddle? Can someone make a suggestion here?

  87. Hello,
    Thank your prompt response to my query. I have tried the solution for mac but cannot move past no.4 I cannot locate EASdata.xml file in the template folder. I am assuming it must be there somewhere.

  88. I am having trouble using e-Record v 6.1 to calculate my Quarterly GST BAS Statement. Cashbook works fine but everytime I click on Reconciliation of Daily Sales it says:

    Reconciliation of Daily Sales has previously been created, but e-Record couldn’t locate it.
    If you need to use Reconciliation of Daily Sales, please contact etc etc

    I am at a loss as to what to do. I need to lodge my BAS for this quarter quite soon.

    Can anyone help me with his problem?

  89. please ..is it possible to transfer data already within erecord files to new myob software??…or does it have manually entered

  90. Thank You very Much for the updateed software i lost the original and got a virus,
    was able to save the data
    thank you again and it was worth the donation

  91. To all of you looking for an alternative to e-records at a realistic price and easy to learn to use and only costs as a once off fee about $90. Have a look at this website.


    I work for an Accountant and one of our clients asked if we could recomend a program , this one looks great value, as do some of the above, however this one seems the most user friendly to me and closes match to e-records . see what you think?

  92. In regards to last comment , I just relaised demo downlaod is Cashbook Complete with invoicing & Statements – Cost $180, Cashbook Lite without Invoicing & Statements is $90 .
    I would still have a look , as you may not need invoicing built in and it is still a good alternative to e-records for most people

  93. We stumbled over here coming from a different
    website and thought I might as well check things
    out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page for a second time.

  94. Some time ago I asked how to open e record and got some good help. I am a bit of a dummy when it comes to computers so this is my problem. I am trying of open up the e record (as I have the download from a couple of years ago) from a usb from an apple and it wont open. Keeps saying must open worksheet index. Can anyone help. Please use basic language as I am not computer savvy. My daughter has the apple and I have a dell and we were trying to ppint out the records for the accountant, as her printer had run out of ink. No go. Please help //// very frustating to say the least.

  95. Can you or your readers tell me how to remove cancelled cheques from the outstanding cheques in Bank Reconciliation.

    Thanking you