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entrecard, CTR, and pages per visit — 6 Comments

  1. good stuff, entrecard and stumble have helped my traffic alot, and alot of my frequent commenters would have never found my site without it. it certainly has helped me

    btw…google is super strict about encouraging ad clicks on your account…if they see that message when the spider crawls it they will shut you down pretty quick…just an FYI

  2. I too consider Entrecard to be a valuable friend to blogs, new sites in particular need the traffic, exposure and comments.

    However, I do have concerns about the bounce rate generated by such fleeting visits. I say this as a speed dropper myself, and tho I try to leave each site open as long as possible, time is money and so I inflict bounces, as well as receive them! 😉

  3. and guess what? I’ve found you site from Entrecard 😀

    i’m also using EC to increase my traffic and like Lane I actually try to read some of the blogs where i drop EC.

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