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Explaining HTML Color Codes, Simply — 4 Comments

  1. I’m glad you got something out of it.

    I’ve been around so long, that I take this sort of thing for granted.

    Until I read incomplete explanations… a lot of this stuff has evolved, so what you see today doesn’t make much sense unless you can put it into historical perspective.

    I also seem to have some kind of teaching talent… I reckon if computers hadn’t been invented, I would have become a teacher.

  2. Thanks for that, it’s a good explanation.

    May I suggest another site people may like to refer to?

    It’s a list of HTML color names, and while there are many similar sites to be found on the web, the beauty of this site, I find, is the ability to click on the colour name or hex value, and see what the other colours look like against a background of your selected colour. That’s very handy when trying to find colours that’ll stand out against your chosen background.


  3. Thanks Mark.

    Nice site. My Wife has stumbled on a few others (but we lost the urls now)… which do similar things.

    One nice one allowed you to pick a colour, and it would automatically give you the most complementary and contrasting colour (I wish I could find the site right now!)