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HOT WD1600 — 2 Comments

  1. why have HDD as first boot?

    Saves time during boot, and means PC will
    boot if you power on and then walk away
    not knowing there is a floppy or CD in their

    It’s simple enough to change boot order
    for diagnostic floppy or CD use,as you did.

    Hard drive should be replaced.He’s going
    to be cheesed off if it collapses soon.

    They are so cheap now, it’s crazy to
    use a flaky one.

  2. Its simple enough for me to change.

    But I’ve seen lots of people who are capable of re-installing windows, yet are totally bios-ignorant…

    And the time it saves is very small in the overall scheme of restarting windows.

    Booting could be a problem if you leave a floppy or cd in the drive… but oddly enough, it rarlely happens to me.

    I agree, the HDD should be replaced asap. But its the customers choice.

    I probably didn’t explaing very well, but I said something like: “I think you should replace the drive, or at the very least, get a fan for cooling the drive”. I also said there is no way of knowing how long the drive will last (but a cooling fan could extent the drives life)

    He chose the cooling fan.