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How screen resolutions have changed — 5 Comments

  1. 1680 x 1050 here. I bought a widescreen LCD for my desktop. The thing I like most about widescreen is that you don’t have to look at websites full screen. I often have a primary web browser taking up the left half, then chat windows in the bottom right corner and a movie/lecture/TV playing in the top right corner. This means that the space the website gets is effectively 800×1000, which many websites fit nicely into. I think the rise of widescreen monitors will not mean a rise in non-standard viewing sizes.

  2. I’m running on 1440×900, which seems to be more popular on laptops.

    I really haven’t seen too many websites where the layout really disagrees with my screen resolution. I have seen a few where they use a fixed size area for their content, which generally results in the area being pretty small on my screen, but it isn’t really that bad.

    I think the best thing website owners can do is make sure their site dynamically scales to fit the screen size.

    At any rate, an interesting read.