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HP Media Center PC m1188a (disk failure) part 1 — 2 Comments

  1. was just wondering if you could elaborate on some of those programs you use, my laptop harddrive is currently dieing, i get the message when booting saying its going to die and to back up etc, i still use it mind u as being a uni student laptop drives arnt cheap. it runs ok, kinda slow though, would any of those progs you mentioned help at all.



  2. Hi Hux,

    For Windows NT based PCs (ie winNT, win2000, winxp), I tend to use bartpe… it allows you to start “xp” using a CD and some ram (i think you need at least 128MB ram).

    For win95 / win98 / winme, there are a lot of cds out there (mostly dos-based). some examples are 911 rescue cd, ultimate boot cd, or even just a dos boot floppy.

    You can even try one of the linux boot cds (knoppix, or puppy linux)… apparently, puppy linux lets you store your data onto a usb drive.

    If the drive is actually failing, its only going to get worse. Just make sure its not a false alarm caused by viruses or spyware. Otherwise your options (given low finances) are:
    – get a “used” laptop drive (from ebay)
    – get a used laptop
    – maybe you can replace your laptop with a “PDA” like a palm, or windows ce device.