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Increasingly longer times to fix problems — 3 Comments

  1. Just dont work on illigal copies. if they ever need to do a relaod they cant and will have to go buy it anyway, also you tend to get what you payed fore, the sooner the customer learns this the better the problems we will be working on and the less time we will be spenign on jobs, eg it take approx 3X longer to repair and uprgade a boji copy of xp than an original and the cost should reflect that but whats to stop them from going out and and saying you worked on it and you put the boji version on. SO be Aware

  2. Good point. I’ll give it a go… However, I’m still not at a stage where I can be too choosy.

    At this stage, I’d still rather spend 2 or 3 hours (and getting paid for) working on a system, rather than tell the customer it will be $160 for winXP, plus $195 for me to install and configure it.

    If I tell the customer it will be $400 for me to fix the boji version, then chances are they will either go elsewhere, or they will buy a newer PC.

    At least business has picked up enough, that in a few months, I should soon be able to pick the jobs I want.