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  1. Happens to us all.

    It’s just a case of when.

    I pushed too far and ended up ill.
    Why does it happen?

    Here’s some of my reasons.


    The constant stress of diagnosing
    and being expected to fix every problem.

    People ringing constantly to ask dumb questions
    with no prospect of my time being paid for.

    EG. What printer should I buy? What’s a .pdf?

    Intermittent faults.
    “Well it WAS doing it before you came”.

    Brand new parts DOA. Especially “on site”

    The downward spiral of prices on
    hardware as complexity increased.

    Hardly worth fixing and impossible
    to charge a true hourly rate.

    The sheer boredom of cleaning up
    the millionth infected computer,
    and then explaining to the owner
    how to prevent reocurrance.

    The Vista mess.

    The depression comes when you
    realise that you have invested
    years in learning and yet would
    have a better lifestyle cutting

    And a more secure income.

    Good luck.