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Legal threats against bloggers — 4 Comments

  1. That’s a disgrace.

    If you can’t honestly review your problems
    with a company or product.

    I may have missed the post,but I’d
    like to know so I can avoid them.

  2. You know as long as you can prove what you said is true and you are not out to get the company or have an axe to grind with the company you are perfectly within your rights to post whatever you said. Plus the legal costs of going after you overseas would be prohibitive to all but the largest companies. The only way they could go after you is if what you said could be proven as a false statement or one made with malicious intent. I truly doubt you did that. All the posts I’ve read that you have made would be perfectly fine. You could even put a disclaimer on your site that should cover you.

  3. Thanks Leland.

    I like the disclaimer idea. I’ll do it soon.

    Occasionally, I will say things like “this is a really bad program” or “this company sold me an inferior widget”… its probably borderline “malicious intent”.

    But with this post, there was no malicious intent… I just said things as I saw them: I found a way to fix a problem, I can’t see why a company would want to use d*****wall from C***ennial software (or s*****stix), but thats purely my opinion.

    I was paid to remedy the problem… Does that entitle the company to try to stop me from publishing my findings and opinions? I don’t think so (but they do).