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Malware, spyware, everywhere — 2 Comments

  1. Ive also found that it doesnt matter how many programs and stuff you have, its also a matter of knowing how to use them, and then again what your surfing on the web and downloading also makes a big diffrence.

    I use ad-aware and s&d spybot, with norton 2005 plus windows updates etc, and i usually run all the progs once a week which very rarely picks up anything.

    I to am behind a nat firewall, plus i use sygate firewall, i know it sounds like a lot to some but i never really see any of them, they usually run in the background when ever they are scheduled to go, updates are in background by prompt as well, all in all it makes a very good system.

    Like i said though, if your always on websites etc with a “higher” possibilty of containing these “diseases”, then your more likely to obtain them!

  2. I’ve recently started using (on my system & on clients computers) something called “spyware blaster” Its nice in that it is not memory resident… it just adds restricted “malware” sites to IE’s blocked sites, and also blocks known activeX based spyware downloads & spyware ads & tracking cookies.

    It doesn’t remove malware, but seems damn good at preventing it getting a foothold.