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mapping network drives on a qnap NAS vpn — 2 Comments

  1. I actually haven’t played with any of the QNAP NAS boxes, but have had a lot of experience with Synology. Synology has a really great GUI that makes anything on it as easy as pie, plus you can always login via SSH to do even more fun stuff as it’s all linux-based.

    Regarding the “use default gateway on remote network” – interesting. I actually have never tried disabling that for the VPN connections I configured. I wonder if that setting actually modulates the route of their internet traffic? I’ve never noticed a loss of connectivity on machines connected via VPN…

  2. Can confirm that turning off “use default gateway on remote network” is the best course of action. With it on you are using the remote machine’s internet connection. With it off, you use your own but can still access remote network resources.