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More threats of legal action against me — 5 Comments

  1. Its must be fair to say that business mentioned are not primarily a computer service business as they are a hardware clearinghouse, focused on moving high volumes of computer hardware bits & pieces with the customer service put there as only a fleeting afterthought.

    Why should writing about that bad experience be litigious bait? If you had written about it on a blog without a business logo attached would you receive the same negative attention?

  2. I think the “problem” with my blog, is that google now regards it as an “authority site”.

    If I post something, it shows up quite high in the search results.

    Google give the title of my post some extra importance.

    To answer your question: it wouldn’t have mattered if the blog was personal or business…

    Its the fact that a google search for “Xxxxxxxx” showed my “negative” blog post at number 7… thats what gets some people hot and bothered.

    In the web world, the correct way to counter a negative article, is to generate twice as many positive articles/PR, so that the negative one “fades away”, without the need to spend money on sharkslawyers

  3. It is not defamation to post ANYTHING about a person or company if it is VERIFIABLE and TRUE. Do newspapers get done for defamation? I think not. What’s the difference?

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    yes its not defamation if its verifiable and true, but you can get into grey areas very quickly… just because “I” believe its true, it doesn’t make it true. If I’m expressing my opinion, then is it verifiable and true?

    And: newspapers do get done for defamation… they obviously don’t report that they got sued in the newspapers do they? (it might affect the papers circulation)

    Anyway, I might still republish the offending article at some point in the future… I can’t stand to let someone get away with being a corporate bully.

  5. A very interesting post and yes I suppose there are some grey areas like you said, but if your offending article is true and can be backed up with evidence then I can’t see a problem posting it but I’ve never seen it so it’s hard to comment further on it.

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