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  2. You might find it useful to use xp console : http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/index.html
    to reset the security to be able to run regedit.
    Also, something I’ve found to make it easier to remove these frauds is to hook the hard drive up to another computer with a usb adapter, and go and delete the program directory or the files in the application settings dir. Then run spybot or SAS. Another thing I’ve found useful especially with some of the virtumonde infections is after running spybot and fixing, it usually seems to come back. I go into the system32 dir and sort by date, delete new files with either weird/stupid filenames or any new .ini files that are a gigantic 1+meg in size.
    If you have permission problems deleting files, having a running linux box and hooking the drive up with a usb adapter solves it nicely.
    One other thing is a boot time scan with Avast. Avast I have found to be excellent.

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