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Norton backup problems — 3 Comments

  1. Depending on the level of user experience and importance of data, I have introduced some residential customers to Microsoft’s SyncToy. It does a pretty good job of synchronizing pre-defined folders.

    I’ve not heard of syncback. I will have to play around with that a bit. …I’ve gotta have something EASY to use.

    My major peeve is still ANY email program and the storage of their data files.

    When I get a PC into the shop that shows any sign that it will need an eventual wipe/reload, the first thing I do is get a full snapshot of the hard drive. I will then try to retain the data for a number of weeks after the repair is complete.

    As residential computers start to contain more and more important data, I would like to see an application — similar to an Acronis or Ghost that mirrors the hard drive on an ONGOING basis. Not something that runs on a daily schedule, I would like to see an application that copies those new pics/ songs/ mail data in the background right after the users application lets go of the file.

  2. Hi Pedro,

    Syncback is not that easy to use (but its very powerful), but once its setup (by me), the customer never needs to touch it.

    I had one issue recently, where the backup HDD was removed… and syncback was set to backup every 4 hours… everytime the customer inserted their usb flash drive, syncback would try to backup the HDD to the 4Gb flash drive!

    You seem to work a lot like I do.

    Yep, email programs are a pain. But recently, I’ve been moving a lot of my operation online (gmail (imap), google calendar, google contacts, etc)… it seems to work remarkably well, particularly with the recent smart phones.

    So I think the residential situation will become easier (and less profitable for guys like us).