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Not a vista fault (for a change)… dlink wireless pci card needs new driver — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Luigi and Andrew,

    Microsoft Windows Automatic Updates can and should be running automatically in most cases. I don’t know if you checked for this with this specific customer or whether you do this across the board. But if you go into Control Panel and look for the Automatic Updates icon, you can very easily set Automatic Updates to run Daily with as much or as little control as desired.

    You’re definitely right to always check for the most current device drivers.

    2 bigger picture issues:

    1. If you standardize across the board to be primarily supporting 1 SOHO WiFi router brand, you’ll have a much easier time keeping up with device driver issues.

    2. Being in the Melbourne Brisbane metro area, you should DEFINITELY be able to get large customers/clients with more complex networks (10-50 workstations)… who’re willing to pay higher hourly billing rates AND need your services on a more regular basis (i.e. an annual support contract). This one little tweak can make an enormous difference to your bottom line.

    Best wishes,

    Joshua Feinberg, author/editorial director
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