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Office bar (office XP) causes screen problems with Vista — 7 Comments

  1. I had the same issue on Windows 7 as well and noticed this quite some time ago. Haven’t found a workaround other than disabling the dang thing (which, I’ve had a habit of doing anyway since NONE of my customers have ever used it).

    I would love to hear, also, if you found a workaround though. I’m sure that if I knew more about the Officebar or actually made use of it myself, I would be more hesitant in removing it from msconfig. 😉

  2. I also have Vista, and have some strange toolbar issues. Also, it won’t let me do a screen print no matter what I try! Glad to know your blog is here with some answers! : )

  3. MS Excel 2007 bugs me. The supposed to be not to be deleted data get deleted when I use filter function. This never happened to me when I was using MS Excel 2003 version.

    Do you have some tips how to solve this issue? I found this article but it didnt help me alot. Great tips to be found here though.

  4. Most average people have no choice over which OS they get lumbered with.

    And most people don’t know there are problems using office xp with vista/win7.