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Paid Content in Computer Aid — 9 Comments

  1. Google adsense has a feature you can set up to allow it to authenticate or bypass your login screens to index the content.

    I think the real danger here is lost readership. You have to do what is best for you, of course, but I know that a site like Experts Exchange probably gets a much higher bounce rate now that people go there and find out that they have to register or pay to see content. I never click on their links anymore when they show up in Google’s search results. I’ve got an account, but when the very next or prior search result has the same answer without requiring me to authenticate, then I don’t see the point in going through the extra step.

    There is an idea out there to provide the first hit free but then require registration or payment for subsequent hits. It would require more programming on your part, but would still provide content to first time viewers who have no idea whether or not your content will actually help them before they pay.

  2. I think you have a good idea

    For any business to be viable you need to have income.

    And $4-$8 seems very reasonable.

  3. Healy: no firewall. I’ll start by just password protecting the top 10 most popular posts (all older than 2 months anyway!)

    Paul: I’ll lose a minimum of readership, as this will not affect regular readers, just those who are desperately looking for a specific solution (and I’m guessing that a small percentage of those will be willing to pay).

    Flowerhorn: No risk, since at least half of the original post will still be there (as a free teaser), the actual solution near the end will be password protected.

    I won’t go for more ads or paid posts, as that devalues the entire website. eg: I prefer the simplicity of the google homepage over the confusion of yahoo and msn.

    So I try to model my website more like google.

  4. What happens when someone pays the money and then doesn’t like the solution received for the money. Will you offer refunds?

    Also, if you are password protecting old posts, search engines like Google will have already cached your full page by then. Your solutions will be visible for people who use the cache.

    Just some thoughts.

  5. Hello пapaзит,

    I’m not sure what you are asking.

    If you are asking how frequently I update my blog, then its about 10 – 25 time per month

    If you are asking how often a blog should be updated, then that depends on the type of blog.

    A newsy blog should be updated a few times per day.

    An authority blog should be updated anywhere between once per week to 7 times per week.