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prism3d engine error on: 18 wheels of steel haulin — 7 Comments

  1. It’s always funny how stuff can work out that way. I used to have an FX5500 that was notoriously picky with which drivers I used. In some cases, the only place to find compatible drivers is on the manufactures website, which seem “moldy oldie” but work like a charm with the hardware they were made for.

  2. It looks like SCS relaunched a few of their games in the last half of 2008, if this guy is still in contact it might be advice to grab the demo of either one of the truck sims they have as well as installing the latest WHQL or beta non-WHQL drivers for their Nvidia card to see if either or both of these applications corrects the engine error.

    My opinion is that these types of game engines look good in screenshots and the like but aren’t very well QA’s when it comes to compatibility with changes in DirectX versions or Windows Service Pack changes that affect the graphics system.

    The tech page for the prism3D engine looks pretty scant and doesn’t mention anything about licensing or DirectX / OpenGL build utilities.




  3. se alguem puder me ajudar.tenho um problema quando vou jogar apareçe o seguinte erro 18 wos haulin.o que devo fazer

  4. this is crap!

    To make game work i needed to patch it to v 1.6 . Now program randomly crash.

    Here is my specs;
    I got a n61j asus laptop
    intel i7 720 qm 1.6 Ghz with turbo boost
    ati mobility radeon hd 5730 1 gb
    winodows 7 ultimate 64 bit