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  1. If you look around again I think you’ll find not very much has changed…

    Chrome has more plugins now but still misses a number of ‘must haves’ (compared to FF), IE9 is still not very configurable and Opera is still far too niche – incompatible with more sites than the others.

  2. I have similar issues and although not ideal, I use 2 browsers

    Chrome (for speed and compatability)

    and FLASHPEAK SLIMBROWSER (beats the hell out of the others for included features)

    Autologon, dl manager and more

    SLIM BROWSER v6.00.053 – Free

    SlimBrowser is a fast and secure FREE web browser software fully loaded with handy features. It includes popup blocker and automatic form filler; supports site groups; provides one-click access to search engines via quicksearch entries; provides one-click access to personal accounts via autologin entries; supports URL filter and advertisement filter; support URL alias and built-in commands. It brings you convenient and safe browsing.


  3. Hmmm, I tried slimBrowser, and its nice and simple.

    It has some nice features built-in (I particularly like double-clicking on a tab to close it!).

    I can’t seem to get the ad blocker to work properly (and I don’t want to spend any time “fixing it”

    But its missing some of my must-haves:
    – QuickDrag equivalent (highlight some text, drag it an inch, then drop it, and the text will start a search if its not a URL, otherwise it will open a new tab & load the URL)
    – A pagerank plugin (ideally also an alexa and compete ranking tool)
    – not sure if it supports logmein, LSO blocker, google gears, split windows browsing, etc

  4. I believe 7 is now out.

    With the loss of add-ons and jssh I now use FF less often.

    I’ll always use it to some degree, so that I can see what others experience.

    For personal use I’d really like a time efficient way to just get the browser I want. It’s not a lot like the free things that’re coming out and as time passes it gets further away from them. It would cut out the things that I don’t want, and do the things I do want, and I’d control the coding of the extensions myself (if I wanted to).

    I’m guessing that I’m not alone in this. Anybody seen a way to get the browser you really want without enormous waste of time and money?