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rant against mice (I love trackballs) — 4 Comments

  1. Same here !

    I’ve got all kinds I’ve collected over the years.

    Just so much more functional,but nearly everybody who
    uses my machine hates the trackballs.

    Just something new but if they had patience they would
    eventually realise the benefits.

  2. Just out of curiosity what brand and model do you use. As I would like to try one out.

  3. I love trackballs too!

    I have no idea why other people won’t use them!
    I can use mine for hours at a time without wrist strain.
    My PC is connected to my display in my lounge, so i dont have a desk, the trackballs is a dream on the arm of a sofa!
    I have dropped my MSOFT nearly 200 times and it still works + looks perfect. Also, much more accurate!
    Know i want a wireless one, but I cant find any cheap ones.

    (ive also been eying up the fish for laptop train use)