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Speedup Internet Explorer — 2 Comments

  1. I gave up using IE. It was too slow and crashed too often.

    Firefox is a ton faster, and Chrome the fastest of them all (in my estimation, but I’m using a very old PC)

  2. Hi Rob,

    Most average people use IE because they don’t know any better… so its still very popular (by default)… so I see it a lot in my travels.

    Since my job is to fix computer problems (and not to preach the joys of firefox / chrome / opera / safari / etc), I don’t change peoples browsers unless I have to (otherwise I can create a rod for my own back: “but it worked just fine until you installed *FireChrome*…”)

    Besides. I also do web development, so I need to know and use all major web browsers.

    Personally, I like Maxthon… but it seems to be losing direction. Otherwise I like Chrome / Safari.