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superantispyware vs windows defender — 3 Comments

  1. Well, software which is made by Microsoft will normally be the most suited for Microsoft operating system which in this case, WD would be the better.

    However, WD is also designed to control other elements of Windows OS such as the startup programs, network programs and the likes which I think it makes Windows OS more vulnerable.

    Startup programs are controlled by msconfig while I think that WD should only be just for antispyware.

    That is my opinion though. Have a great day.

  2. SAS requires a restart due to the fact that any memory processess need termination before a proper cleanup can be initiated and a reboot/deletion is the only sure way.

  3. I have been using SAS until a couple months ago when on my vista computer, the SAS rest went from 8 hours to over a week till I had had enough. I have no idea where over 17 million files came from when I have been steadily eliminating files. I use SAS on my firefox 3 XP computers and Firefox worked well enough to keep spyware out but vista is letting spyware in on Firefox 3 and creating a multi synch to keep SAS so busy that users give up before the impossible end (which vista won’t allow to be reached now). The last time I tryed to go long term with SAS, I let my vista laptop run a week solid and the program still wasn’t done yet it registered over 17 million files. Where did all though files come from? I am so floored, sorry.