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telstra and new Thompson Speedtouch 536 — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah thats standard procedure for 536 modems, you have to disconnect to get a username + pass box

  2. I had to completely re boot my computer because of some weird behaviour with int exp7 when I rebooted with installation disc provided by bigpond my usb light now doesn’t come on but I am connected to the internet. does this mean anthing? before all lights were on on the thomson 536?

  3. Dee: sounds like you had both the usb and the ethernet cables plugged in to the modem.

    One led is for power, one indicates an internet connection, one indicates an ethernet connection, and one indicates a usb connection.

    Its possible to have 2 PCs using the internet over these modems… one connected via USB, and one via ethernet.

    Some people mistakenly believe that then need to connect both USB and ethernet from the modem to their PC.

    In those cases, the PC picks one or the other.

    I try to avoid the usb, as usb speeds are lower than ethernet, plus usb requires custom software running on the PC, in order to get a correctly running internet connection.

    I’d say don’t worry about it.

  4. I recently paid $70 to irradicate what I could have removed with Ad-aware then found that my yellow cable still had the sting of no conductivity.. the blue cable was option 2 according to Big Pond guy – which worked.. not AVG nor Ad-aware can find viruses or corrupt files yet my yellow cable is defunct even after reloading Big Pond ad nauseum.. if my blue works my yellow should too!

  5. Cafuffle to usb being slower – the yellow cable is not as much steel contact otherwise just as fast.. if not faster.. than the ethernet..

  6. ADSL speeds are:

    Usb can go:
    1.5Mbps (usb 1.0)
    12Mbps (usb 1.1)
    480Mbps (usb 2.0)

    ethernet speeds are:
    10Mbps (hardley used anymore)
    100Mbps (most popular)
    1000Mbps (becoming increasingly popular)

    As you can see, usb1.1 can handle the fastest adsl and still have 10Mbps of bandwidth left

    Likewise 100Mbps ethernet can handle the fastest adsl and still has 98.5 Mbps of bandwidth left in reserve.

    Anyway, its not the speed I’m most worried about, its the software that make a usb port “pretend” to be an ethernet port. If it fails to start, is shutdown, or gets affected by spyware, then you are much more likely to lose your internet connection, compared to ethernet (software is built in to windows)

    your problem is likely a defunct ethernet port (either with the modem, or the PC).

    If you are happy with usb, then keep using it.