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top 9 things you shouldn’t do on your blog — 6 Comments

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  2. hi, great tips!

    uhmm what if I put a monthly theme on my blog would that make a difference? because I uhhh write anything under the sun =_=

  3. Hi Renz.

    A monthly theme won’t make a difference.

    Google usually keeps an index of most of your posts. So it will remember what you wrote many months ago.

    If you write about anything, then google will probably put your blog into the misc category (together with a large number of other blogs).

    But its not as bad as it might seem, as google will also look at individual posts, and it will highly rank a really well written (and popular) post about, say, butterfly wing colourings, in an appropriate category (but that post can easily be outranked by another blog that “copies” most of your post… as long as that other blog writes mostly about butterfly wings).

    I’ve done something similar with my blog: I find the solution to a particular problem in a forum (amongst 50 “suggestions”), but I will only post the solution that worked for me… I then find I outrank the forums that have these solutions (regardless of whether I link back to the original forum!)