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Top Firefox add-ons (3.6 update) — 3 Comments

  1. These are good add-ins, and you have an interesting website. I would ask that if your readers enjoy reading my blog, to please view it without Adblock Plus running. There are no pop-ups, full-page re-directs, or auto-play voices.

  2. I don’t use any of those, but have put off updating FF because I wasn’t sure if the EC toolbar would work with it.
    The last time I updated FF that was a problem.
    There used to be someone on the forums that helped with these things by writing codes, even though EC said it wasn’t the official…blah blah blah.
    It worked, I’m using it and have been hesitant to update FF.
    We no longer have the forum to get help which still annoys me.
    Soooooooo, thoughts?