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Top Firefox add-ons — 5 Comments

  1. Hello again. While I still read your blog regularly, I have not had much opportunity to write.

    My favorite extensions are:
    Adblock Plus: you’ve already touched on this one

    IE Tab: allows me to switch rendering of a page to Internet Explorer from within Firefox’s window. I can also set some pages to always open in IE Tab

    others that I use occasionally–
    FxIF: allows me to view embedded Exif comments on jpg images.

    CacheViewer: allows searching and sorting of cache files

    Image Zoom: Does what it says. Sometimes I need to get a closer look at an image, and Image Zoom allows that quickly with a simultaneous click of the Rt+Lt mouse buttons

    Password Exporter: Allows me to view/export saved passwords

    DownloadHelper: I can download most embedded media from YouTube or any other website, it also converts to other media formats on the fly if you desire.

    I notice you have a lot of tab management utilities. You might already know about this — you can access further Firefox options by typing ‘about:config’ into the URL entry area.

  2. Some great suggestions which I am now test driving. I would like to add the one add on that I cannot live without. Scrapbook. It let’s you save an exact copy of a web page rather than the kind of freakish thing that you normally get when you do save page as.

  3. These look like some good suggestions. I’ve got Adblock running, as well as some other miscellaneous ones (like Comicspress for my webcomic) and I have to admit, they can really make life easier.

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