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Vista 64 RAM usage — 2 Comments

  1. Quoting an excerpt from the oracle that is Wikipedia…


    “Sun’s 64-bit Java virtual machines are slower to start up than their 32-bit virtual machines because Sun has only implemented the “server” JIT compiler (C2) for 64-bit platforms.[10] The “client” JIT compiler (C1), which produces less efficient code but compiles much faster, is unavailable on 64-bit platforms.”

    How relevant this tidbit is to builds of the vm available today is uncertain as the reference is not dated. Well theres an arbitrary “16 April 2009” ref but nothing specific.

  2. I just purchased a new Sony Vaio AW290J series with 4GB or Memory and a Cor2Duo T9500 processor (and a nice 19″ 1080p monitor). It uses the 64-bit version of windows. I got the 64-bit version as I plan to upgrade this to 8GB or RAM one day and I want Windows to be able to use it all. It does seem to use a bit more memory then my old 32-bit.

    I also noticed that the 64-bit version of IE runs a little smoother then the 32-bit. I get quite a few stalls and non-responses occasionally with the 32-bit. Sometimes when web pages are loading, the IE freezes up until the page is loaded. The problem is that a lot of the stuff I use like the Google toolbar isn’t available for the 64-bit version.

    I also like to use a spam controller for windows mail called “cloudmark”. They don’t have a version yet for 64-bit Windows either.

    I am rather frustrated with the lack of 64-bit compatibility right now. I am also waiting for a Windows update or service pack to get the 32-bit IE running better with the 64-bit windows.

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