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vista wireless association failed due to an unknown reason (asus wl-520gc) — 7 Comments

  1. Hi there, sad to see I’m not the only one! Have a similar issue with a client’s Vista laptop being unable to connect to a router (Peak). XP laptop & my PDA work fine, but Vista will not connect….. until I plug in the Ethernet cable! the wireless connection then authenticates, gets an IP address, hey presto – OK!!! until I reboot & have to go through process again. Have tried all previously mentioned solutions, disabling security, etc to no avail. The search for a permanent workable solution goes on… and on….

  2. Steve: an unusual problem. have you tried updating the router firmware? with some routers, you actually need to download and run software from the makers website, before vista will see the router… wierd!

  3. Hi guys Same problem here. Very helpful info couldn’t find this info anywhere else

  4. Hi, I’m having the same problem with a Netgear WGR615v8. I updated the firmware, set it to no security, rebooted and everything. No lusck. Still getting the Wireless Association failed gue to unknown reasons.