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WoW dropouts over a 3G wireless connection — 2 Comments

  1. Latency is a big issue with wireless 3G which makes it barely acceptable for playing games is general. Another thing is that at certain times of the day you may experience higher or lower latencies depending on network load. Average is somewhere between 400-600ms but Ive heard players complain that it can reach almost 1000ms at times. “suspect that the nextG network is at fault” seems like a reasonable diagnosis to me.

  2. The problem almost certainly lies with the NextG wireless network. WoW is an old game… if his video card is 2 years old, it should work fine. Most people who use the NextG network to play WoW do it out of necessity (it would be madness to use it if you could get ADSL). Many report erratic disconnections and pings depending on distance from tower, network load, etc. In actual fact I know people who get a better ping from wireless, but it very much depends on your location in regards to the tower etc. A compounding factor is that WoW seems to have fallen victim to greater world lag over time… a situation that Blizzard seems unwilling or unable to fix. So if ADSL is unavailable then NextG is about as good as this customer will get (certainly better than satellite ping-wise).