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barrys plumbing and electrical (why yell123.com sucks) — 6 Comments

  1. I received the same spam SMS both yesterday and today. I had previously been spammed by the same advert last year and opted out via text. Clearly this is a waste of money and I have also emailed yelp123 to opt out.

    I am also going to contact the business in question to let them know they have paid money for what is essentially an annoying and invasive waste of money.

  2. I’ve had three spam sms from the same source. After the first message I sent a message to opt out. That didn’t work because I receive two further messages. I reported them to the ACMA (http://www.spam.acma.gov.au), who then contacted me to see if I wanted to make an official complaint (which I did).

  3. update:

    I got an email from yell123.com on 13th Jan, which simply said said:

    Will do

    And of course, today (17th Jan) I receive another text about barrys plumbing.

    I wonder if someone at yell123 will wake up before their business goes down the plughole?