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Goodbye Netfirms, Hello Hostgator — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve been with HostGator for years.
    Great people to deal with and fast to respond.
    I think I’ve had 3 problems in 5 years (I think its been 5 maybe more).

  2. Having been with hostgator for nearly 1 month now, there are some very obvious differences in the website statistics I’ve been gathering:

    – awstats would only work intermittently on netfirms, but is 100% reliable on hostgator.

    – even when netfirms awstats worked, it seemed to have a “cap” on the number of unique visitors, and now that I’m with hostgator, it “appears” like I now have double the traffic.

    – Google Analytics shows no change in traffic

    – Google webmaster tools shows the speed of downloading pages is faster, and much more consistent

    – Google webmaster tools also shows MUCH fewer crawl errors since switching to hostgator.

    – automated cron jobs now work how they should: they work on time and they never timeout!

    All up, I’m glad I moved away from netfirms, and I’ll never go back again!