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  1. Hi,

    How did you bypass the fuse?? Fuses blow for a reason, generally a faulty component ie diodes, transistors or something. Shorts are very common to blow a fuse. When you bypassed it, you may have then allowed that short etc to damage something else, something criticall. Easiest way to fix is to check voltages from the power cord, to end. When you find a component that isnt allowing the current/voltage through it, its most likely broken.

    Then again, if you say your not the real electronic type, maybe get someone with a bit of experience to look at it. Or just start replacing things until you replace the right part lol.

    Otherwise, maybe you could purchase another board. Or try a diffrent power cord, something like that is possible.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I know just enough electronics to be dangerous 🙂

    I dismantled the scanner (it only has 1 electronic board, so soldering a wire to bypass the fuse was easy (although I didn’t know I was bypassing a fuse at the time :-()

    I’m thinking the power supply voltage might have been a tad too high… I’ve dropped it down by 3 volts, but its a little too late.

    I just might look for an electronics guy… thanks for the suggestion.

    A new board might not be good… I don’t think HP have any in stock in OZ… translation: big $$$

  3. sorry, I didn’t keep the details, (particularly since it eventually fried the

    The most expensive part was the box and the transformer, since the salesman didn’t
    know exacty how to calculate the correct voltage, so I decided to go with a variable

    I’m sure you will be able to find plans on the internet… just search for terms like
    “transformer”, “bridge rectifier”, capacitor, ripple,