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  1. This sounds like it could be a very usable solution for residential customers as well.

    As people have more and more ‘important’ stuff on their PCs / Laptops, it might be a good place to back up their docs, pics, music, etc.

    Somewhat related…

    I have become fond of apps like SyncBack, but for the average home user, I think it is still difficult for them to add and configure new folders to back up (especially since most POP3 mail clients store mail in hidden folders). It would be nice to learn of something that is as ‘smart’ as Carbonite, but works on local network shares instead of across the internet.

    Are you steering your more data-laden customers towards backup solutions? If so, I would be interested in learning what you like.

  2. I’ve been after a network drive for a while, but I’m not really sure what to buy. I assume this plugs straight into the router? I don’t want to install drivers on every PC.

  3. Pedro: I also like using syncback. I don’t know of anything “smarter”.

    I think anything smarter will need frequent updates.

    All it take is MS to release another version of Windows, and suddenly you need to backup emails from a different location… and also know about the 101 different email clients… a nightmare.

    John: yes, it plugs straight into the router.

    And I guess I wasn’t clear in my article: SMB means you can access the drive from PCs without installing any silly “drivers”.