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New Google tab icon (favicon) — 16 Comments

  1. “I think it looks awful.”

    nailed it! i would like to know who’s kid did the “paint by numbers” job?

  2. Well, you can say it’s catching your eye.
    I was wondering about what it was supposed to be too, so thanks for explaining it’s a G.

    I don’t like it either.

    I’m one of those people who don’t like red and green beside each other.

  3. I think the classic “G” was good. Nice and simple. If they wanted a makeover they should’ve gotten the second one and replaced the common “G” with a caps one.

  4. Don’t be too hard on them. Obviously, due to the recession they had to hire a color-blind designer.

    (But seriously, I can’t even look at this thing. Every time I need to Google something I think maybe I’ll just wait until they change their favicon).

  5. Hi there!

    I did not like the new favicon as well.

    For me it is too colorful and too complicated to represent Google. Google is known for its cleanliness and simplicity. Shouldn’t the favicon reflect what the company is also aiming for?


  6. For those who can’t stand to look at the new google logo, if you click the google button on the google toolbar then the old icon is still used.

    Completely pointless but something I noticed this morning! Haha

  7. I agree, bad move for google to change to this new logo- it looks like a retarded MS office logo…

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