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Whats the carbon footprint of compact flouros? are they really green? LEDs are much better! — 4 Comments

  1. Hello CW.

    I did say that my first CF was many years ago (hence the $25).

    What I’m concerned about, is the claimed lifespan of CFs.

    My (admittedly little) experience showed that the lifespan was significantly lower than claimed (my first CF only lasted 3 or 4 months, and it was only switched on once per day…).

    I’ve recently got some “free” CFs (for switching electricity suppliers), so I’ll be keeping en eye on their lifespan.

    I’ve also noticed that if you carefully read all the pro-CF stats, the savings touted quietly imply savings from the moment *after* they are purchased, assuming they reach their full lifespan…

    I’d like to know how much energy/carbon goes into manufacturing CFs

    Even price is not a good indicator, as governments can use subsidies to alter the whole equation.

    And I’ve since been thinking of the larger picture: assuming you can save $10 – $15 by using CFs for 1 year… the whole saving is cancelled out by 1 week of driving a toyota landcruiser instead of a hyundai getz.

    Maybe we should be looking at the big/inefficient stuff first?

  2. Well, its been abot 8 or 9 months now, and none of the new flouros I’ve installed have failed.

    That means I’ve gotten some reasonable use out of them (compared to the first time I tried them… many years ago).

    I’ve also done some more research on LEDs, and it seems that they have problems that you don’t normally see with LED fashlights (which is the limit of my experience with white LEDs.

    In particular, it seems that high-output LEDs produce non-trivial amounts of heat. Its just that the heat is generated “behind” the LED.

    And… the light output varies with temperature. Oddly, an LED is brighter at low temperatures.