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An alternative to autopatcher (heise offline update) — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Graham,

    I did go through those instructions (with no luck).

    I’ll try it again at some point (maybe on a different PC) and see if I get different results.

  2. I know the article dates from a while back, but thanks to Google people might still stumble across it every now and then so I will comment on it.

    The Offline Updater project is actively maintained and improves constantly. I used it myself on several occasions (on english windows xp) and it always worked out for me. Even though it is still more like a ‘script’ than a program it is easy enough to use and reliable.

    Every now and then the project needs to catch up with changes to the windows update service, but this is hardly avoidable.

    Btw the german company running the project is a reputable IT magazine. It now runs a huge UK website on security where the english version of the script is hosted.