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Asus F7sr downgrade vista to XP — 4 Comments

  1. That’s exactly the problem we had when we downgraded my laptop at work from Vista to XP — finding the drivers was difficult.

    It seems a lot of manufacturers have gone to supporting Vista only. Still, our clever tech guy was able to find a number of drivers and workarounds (my sound card utility and driver, for example, are both in Spanish).

    I do hate that Vista stuff. I’ll be forced to convert one day, however.

  2. It must be awful using Windoze machines – I feel very sorry for you.

    Do you suggest to your poor customers that they get Macs? I suppose constantly fixing something that is so badly designed keeps you in work. I don’t know how you can look at it though – the OS is so UGLY.

  3. Hi Robin.

    You will find I’m a rare breed of tech: I’m an OS agnostic (and browser agnostic too!).

    I think what you are trying to say is that the GUI is ugly.

    Very few people (myself included) get to see what the OS (ie the code) actually looks like, let alone gaining enough expertise in both windows and MAC/Linux, such that you can make an educated conclusion about the OS “uglyness”.

    As far as the ugly GUI: after 20+ years experience (including DOS prompts and unix shells), I find that all GUIs look so similar, that any real difference is just cosmetic, and limited to “eye candy”.

    From experience: If you really want to use an OS as quickly and efficiently as possible, then your only real option is to use the command line prompt.

    Using a mouse and clicking on buttons and scrollbars, etc, make you at least twice as slow as doing the equivalent task using a command prompt (or at least keyboard shortcuts). Mice and GUIs need much less training, which is why the vast majority of people use mice and GUIs.

  4. same here!
    mines asus x70s/f7sr
    done vista/windows7/recovery cd installation….blue error screen at the end of installation every time. but xp works fine…guess what no xp drivers in entire planet….worst part is no vga adapater in device manager……suxxx big time