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AWA IT and home entertainment franchise — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, I got one of these letters from AWA too. I do agree with you 100% but for some people it may be a way to improve their business. I may join them too if I have 100k spare.

    Cheers Steve

  2. I was wondering if you received my second letter and if so would you like to come to our information night on the 31st of July. You will then be able to here fact from fiction?

  3. Hi Damian,

    I’m not sure if I received it (I might have tossed it).

    Unfortunately, I’m quite busy, so I cannot spend a few hours sitting at an information night.

    But if you really want me to be able to separate fact from fiction, then please post the relevant details about why an awa franchise is different from, say, a jims computer services franchise.

    I’d be particularly interested in how much net income (ie after costs and franchise fees) a franchisee can earn by working from a sleepy hollow like Deception Bay, and how many hours work it will take to achive those results.

  4. The AWA Franchise is different in many ways. We are franchising within a market that we have a long and proud history in with the support of offices in most states and a corporate staff of over 500.

    We have many,many more differences and by the way I have also been a franchisee and have a passion for franchising.

    The main ingredient of any franchise is the fire in the belly of the franchisees. Do you have that fire in the belly to be the best?

  5. Thanks for the diplomatic reply. I must say I also have a “fire in the belly”, but for Computer Aid. From my very limited understanding of franchises, I thought the main ingredient was to have foolproof systems and procedures (like mcdonalds… which I believe is a near-perfect franchise system).