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  1. I bought one of these things for my own home setup, so I wouldn’t have to run cat5 everywhere. I have a 3com wireless modem/router on an 8Mb DSL. no problems with the internet or local networking with 5 or 6 machines, mixture of o/s.
    I have a mix of macs & old windows boxes. the latter can talk to the printer (a sammy laserjet, CLP510) for maybe ten minutes before the little belkin craps out & needs restarting.
    it’s like this whether I have it on a cable or wireless. it seems to have stuck with a fixed IP I gave it briefly while setting up- now I have told the router to dhcp on the belkin’s mac address but it’s stuck.
    can’t make it work with macs.
    I have no other mac/pc network issues, & the windows boxes have previously been able to print through an airport express along with the macs.

    my advice? avoid this pc-only crap. the GUI looks like a child of five drew it, & the box itself is untidy & unreliable. for the same sort of money, the airport express is better.

  2. yep, I also tried DHCP, before I eventually had to reserve a fixed IP address (and I still had to do it twice before the address “stuck”).

    Luckily, all the PCs were MS systems.

  3. belkin F1UP002au, wireless mode does not work with different brand of wireless router, have you really test that? it’s over 10 months since your first post…i have dlink 655, i can see belkin is connected with my router, but when i check with print server manager and no server was found, i ping ip address which print server log in my router but no responsed..
    this is really frustrated, i bought it for wirelessly print purposed but have to be wired to work, unless i have to buy belkin wireless router to get it work..
    –the worst, release for almost 2 years still no firmware update available.–
    –do you understand indian language? if not, don’t call for technical support…

  4. I’m having similar issues and more. I have a laptop running XP professional SP3, AVG free 8.5 and windows firewall. A Dovado 3G router with O2 broadband. I have an HP PSC950 all-in-one printer. I have the print server connected via cat5 to the router for initial setup, everything goes fine for the setup. I can see the print server and printer through the Belkin print manager, I can connect to the printer ok but it will not print. Wireless will not work either. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone to Belkin tech support but to no avail. I have un-installed and re-installed several times, AVG un-installed, firewall turned off, different combinations. Very frustrating. Any help/suggestions is appreciated

  5. Have you tried the “LPR” technique I mention above?

    – I wouldn’t bother trying wireless until you can get the wired printing working… the only difference is that wireless introduces extra complication.

    – Also go to microsoft.com and make sure you have all the latest hardware drivers (which are not normally downloaded as part of the automatic updates)

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