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  1. We have a 2wire modem that seemingly has ‘chucked a spac’. The DSL light is flashing red continuously (even when the comp is off; the power light is green always, either when comp is off or on). Can someone give me any clues as to what’s wrong with our 2wire gateway? It’s 6 months old & reading other web sites suggests these (2wire) are not infallible. Cheers.

  2. Hello i have a 2wire Modem when i got to websits like face book or my space the modem will drop out del Light go on and off big pond has test the line it all ok so thay send a tech out line was ok this end so thay send me a new 2wire modem and it the same big pond said thay never had this be4 when i put my old modem back it all work good… help

  3. I too have had dropouts with this 2 wire modem.
    Bigpond checked lines,exchange,wall sockets and even modem. all checked out 100%. But, still having these drop outs every 5 to 10 minutes. This is driving me nuts..Help.

  4. I must say I haven’t seen any 2wire modems that were actually faulty… just badly configured.

    However, it is always possible to get faulty equipment, if in doubt, try a different modem.

  5. Andrew,

    I too have a modem that always drops out when visiting face book, then resets it’s self. Doesn’t happen on any other website… Did you get it sorted in the end?

  6. Changed atm encapsulation setting to “routed LLC in the advanced menu worked a treat so far.

  7. Im also haveing the drop out problem, had line checks, stability profile, played with the modem settings for hours upon hours, rplaced the modem, had tech support to my house 3 F***ing times.
    thought i fixed it a few times with playing with my wireless settings but didnt last,
    My phone line is solely for the internet so no phones connected, i have and 18 cm phone line from my brand new wall socket to my modem with no filter,
    My connection works every now and then for a few hours the just drops out, it reconnects straight away and drops again 15secs later, this goes on for hours then out of the blue it will just start working again

    Any more ideas would be much appreciated because tech support have no f***ing idea

  8. Hi andrew,

    I’ve had to censor some of the language… little kids might be reading…

    I can suggest 2 things:

    – try a different brand of modem… some work well at long distances from the exchange, others work best close to the exchasnge.

    – If you have ADSL2+, then I’ve had (and still have) some problems with it… it seems to work best if you are close to the exchange… after a certain distance, you need to configure the modem to use either ADSL2 (without the +), or G.DMT (ie ADSL1).

    I’ve currently set my billion 7300G to ADSL2 and annex A… so now it only drops out 2 or 3 times a day, and the modem totally restarts 2 or 3 times a week. But I’m only off the air between 1 and 5 minutes each time.

    I’m also assuming you don’t have any infections on your PC.

    Otherwise, keep hammering at your ISP until they truly fix it (or they give your money back).

    If you are too far from the exchange, then you might need to look at the 3G wireless broadband (optus seem to have some good deal going at the moment).

  9. Hi, i am to having drop outs, i have spent endless hours on tech support every night and they keep on doing the same thing, test this and that blah blah, Last night they finally aggreed to send me out another modem, so just waiting on that. I just moved the modem off a desk to see if the heat factor is the problem, we will see i guess….and wait for the new modem

  10. This only happens when playing World of Warcraft, i also have Vzuse running at the same time downloading a few torrents, could i be running to much at once?? plz help ….

  11. Hi Corey,

    You need to ask telstra (or look through your own doco):

    – Are you running standard ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+. ADSL is usually rock solid, but ADSL2 and 2+ can dropout depending on your distance to the phone exchange.

    – Do you have all the phones in your house attached to ADSL filters correctly?. Do this wrong, and the internet will dropout everytime the phone rings, or you make a call.

    – Run Task manager before starting WoW (and make sure the network tab is showing some network traffic). Once you get a dropout, check the network graph & see if anything unusual happened (eg network line goes to zero, or a large spike).

    Don’t know what vzuse is, but I’d stop any P2P network while playing WoW.

  12. Hi again, i use adsl wi-fi i checked the task manager when i opened WoW and it flatlined when i logged onto it….what does that mean?? i have the filter hooked up correctly i only have one phone in the house, and Vuze is a torrent downloader thats all so yeh P2P anyways what does this flatlineing mean?? do u know?? thanks

  13. Hi Corey,

    Assuming you mean the line on the networking tab in task manager: it shows the amount of network traffic your wifi card is sending/receiving.

    If you are not sending/receiving network traffic (eg to/from the internet), then it will stay at 0%.

    If you are downloading flat-out from a P2P network, then it can go as high as 10 or 20%

    You need to play WoW for a few minutes, then hit the “windows” key on your keyboard to switch back to windows and check what the network graph is doing.

    I wouldn’t worry if its hovering close to zero (eg 0.1%) as that can be quite normal.

    You might also try using an ethernet cable (instead of wifi)… wifi doubles the potential problems you could experience (eg sharing channel traffic with nearby wifi points, encryption, others “stealing” your internet bandwidth, etc etc).

  14. Hi again, yeh i mean the line on the networking tab in task manager, i’m only on msn messenger and its showing sharp stabs that go up to 0.6% but is hovering around 0.1 % but when i click on Wow It just dies in the [beautiful flower]….
    its funny that i can talk on msn for however long i want but as soon as i put stress on it, it cracks it and packs it in….i dont know what to do, i can watch the Networking in task manager while i open Wow….its always up front so i can see it no matter what i do…

  15. 2Wire Modem. The size of a truck. Works OK but real annoying to configure. This is most peoples problem and will continue to be a problem as long as you have this modem.

    Is this one of those altered modems that can only be used with Bigpond? If it is, chuck it in the bin and get a quality generic one. You’ll thank yourself later when you change services or need to reset or change your current configuration.

    My ADSL modem vote is the reliable, inexpensive and very simple setup that Zyxel have, most models, and can connect to almost any server ie, Dodo, Optus, Bigpond etc. There are many other great generic-connect modems too ie Netgear (Not Optus supplied as they changed the internal chip and it is locked).

    I’m always right.
    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

  16. 2Wire. I agree. It’s HUGE. Almost needs it’s own desk. Dongle too fat. Needs to go on a diet. Just totally – Very badly designed and configured. Great for Pensioners and arthritis sufferers, and the nearly blind.

    Configuration? Near Impossible. Need to ring server every time for reset. CD bloody useless.

    In Short, Steer clear of “modem included” locked deals as you normally pay top price for locked overpriced useless rubbish.

    Negotiate and ask for a modem reimbursement, as, you have your own modem. If you are denied, go elsewhere. 9 times out of 10, you will get a better deal/discount/reimbursement/agreement.

  17. A bit of research info.

    2Wire is only available via a broadband (A/DSL) supplier and configured individually to that server.


  18. Just did a google. Spot on. 2wire is only supplied via server. Configured by server and not transferrable to other servers.

    What a bloody RIPOFF.

    Surely we in Oz should be protected from these type of scams? Especially against Telstra and Optus.

    Totally totally totally disgusted.

  19. Hey, Soul Air. This is but one of many similar server type issues. It’s part of life.

    I suppose we will compare speed, cost and equivalent international services next. PS, we are rated amongst the most HIGHLY expensive in the world per KBps, not kbps which is 1/8 of KBps. Something your server cons you into ie 512kbps is actually 64KBps, and if you get 56KBps it is classified as good. BOLLOCKS. Demand the extra 12 1/2% or equivalent rebate or go to your local member and sue for false advertising.

    I’m always right.
    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

  20. HA HA. Totally true. 8 bits one byte stuff. Got a new Billion wifi and configured for kids and me. Not simple, but not hard. Not cheap either. What’s Zyxel? Never heard of before. Googled and wow. Sounds good on “paper”. Anyway, getting off track of this post, so nothing more to add. CIAO