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  1. Luigi,

    My site is hosted with netlogistics.com.au and it’s been nothing short of excellent. The server I’m using is based in Brisbane, which is great for us Brisbane-based businessmen.

    The plan I have is $19.95 a month, you get 1 addon domain (plus the domain you register, of course) and all the packages that unlimited-space have.

    For the record, I still have my unlimited-space account mobilepcservice.biz up and running simply because I’ve already paid for a year of hosting.

    If you want cheap hosting, you’re only going to get cheap service, and I’ve found U-S.com are pretty slow to answer emails, sometimes they can be surprisingly quick, but they have never actually helped with any requests I have made (like you, I wanted extra addon domains, but they wouldn’t allow me to)

    If you want to know anything specific about netlogistics cpanel or something, let me know. Probably best to email me or through my blog (I don’t check here all that often, but I like to drop by now and then to have a sticky-beak)